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7 Reasons To Practice Yoga Online

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Yoga Online
Some people love the idea of Online Yoga classes, others would never consider practicing without a live teacher. Nevertheless, Online Yoga has grown massively in the last few years. Here are a few reasons why people choose to practice online vs going to a yoga studio:

  1. Save time on commutes. Don’t worry about driving or parking. Just make some place for your mat at home and turn on your computer.
  2. Save money. Many people who would usually not afford practicing Yoga are now getting the benefits of a daily practice thanks to all the different options available, from free yoga videos to low cost memberships at online yoga studios.
  3. Enjoy your privacy. Some people are uncomfortable with being seen by strangers while they practice Yoga, specially beginners or people who are more self-conscious of their bodies.
  4. Set your own environment. Do you like to practice in a warm room or do you prefer to have the AC on? Are you worried about the floor in the yoga studio being clean enough or about smelling the stinky mat of the guy next to you? Do you like the lighting bright or dim? You decide.
  5. Practice anywhere you are. People who travel a lot have a hard time sticking to a Yoga routine. Take your mat with you and practice wherever you go!
  6. Don’t worry about interruptions. If you have a baby crying and need to watch him for a few minutes, if you had something cooking and need to turn it off, you’re expecting an important call… life happens.
  7. Have more options. You can choose from a broad spectrum of styles and teachers, plus you can choose to take live classes or pre-recorded.

Difference between Live Online Classes and Pre-Recorded Classes.

  1. Live classes happen at a specific time, while pre-recorded classes can be played anytime.
  2. In a live class, you can be seen and corrected by a teacher. When you watch a pre-recorded class, there’s no one to watch you and make sure you’re doing things right.
  3. Pre-recorded classes can be paused and continued later on, or you can practice only a specific part of the class that you want to do that day. Live classes are more fixed in that sense.
  4. In a live class you can talk to the teacher, ask questions, let them know if you have any pains or injuries so they can give you specific instructions to ensure your safety.

Online yoga classes have allowed many people who otherwise didn’t have access to yoga to enjoy the benefits of a steady practice. Thanks to online yoga, more and more people will be able to prevent and heal physical and emotional conditions and we will all feel the benefits in our society.

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